1) Establishing the truth in world scriptures – A new perspective !


Let us begin the search for the truthfulness of claims that we hear all around us — with intuition and intellect but not with pure logic. Where logic fails, we apply intuition because, logic is limited by the means we have acquired in the past (for example: If we did not study the about gravity and its laws, we can not “logically” decide where a projectile falls, but with intuition, we can approximate it !!).


So, first let us attempt to understand few well known statements that keep popping up in daily life!

  1. Man is made in the image of GOD — (Genesis 1:27)
  2.  The age old statement taken from “Genesis” — which more or less is translated to ” on the fourth day the Sun, the moon and the stars are formed”. And another statement — “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (John 1:1).
  3. The four faced creator ‘Brahma’ comes from Vishnu’s naval in a lotus flower and creates this universe as his utterance / exhalation.
  4. The great scripture Bhagavatam (having 12 cantos or chapters) starts with the canto 1 in which lord Sri Krishna’s death is described and in the tenth canto his birth is described. Why so ? Doesn’t Vyasa know how to write a book ? shouldn’t he have started with birth and ended with death ? Why ? Why ? Think !!! I am going to explain in few more lines.

So far so good. The questions and statements are great right ? So, what about the TRUTH ? Let us see.

I want to establish the truth of first point — i.e “Man is made in the image of god” So, when they say man is made in the image of god, they (the sages / saints) mean that man / human form – both the ‘physical and mental’ has the key to unlock the mysteries of universe – the god ! this will be understood if “LAW OF CORRESPONDENCES” is applied. We have to constantly observe and take what we see rather than what it is ! i.e. sun rises in the east is what we see. Whether earth rotates, or revolves doesn’t matter as far as our existence on this earth is considered — (they are useful if one wants to launch a satellite or so, but not for spiritual purposes) So, once you study the sun’s motion from earth’s reference frame, we can calculate the equinoxes, solstices, seasonal effects etc. Similarly we need to observe and make a correspondence with ourselves and we will unlock many mysteries. This process in Sanskrit is called “Nyasa Vidya”. So let us proceed further.

Now, that we agreed upon accepting Man is made in the image of god, let us see an example of how we speak to one another. You might be wondering “LOL – we speak with our mouths / vocals etc — is it even a valid point to undertake ? “. You might wanna read carefully and analyze what I am going to say. Our speech process takes place in the following stages (let us go in reverse order) :

  • We made a statement ” I like apples “. To produce this sound, we used vocals, lips and tongue. What ever we used, the effect is the utterance of those words.
  • Now, to have been uttered those words, we should have had a same statement as a thought (say like a mental blueprint) in our mind so that brain gives the signals to respective organs to produce that sound.
  • To have such a blueprint, we must have had a vague idea as a cloud form of thought in our mind, without which a direct concrete statement wouldn’t have been formed.
  • Even before getting a vague idea of what to speak, we require an impulse to speak. Otherwise, I wont speak at all to a person in first place.

So, now read them in reverse order (changing tenses here and there) you will understand that our speech process takes place in FOUR stages — these are called Para-Vak (impulsive), Pashyanthi Vak (cloudy), Madhyama Vak (concrete blueprint) and Vakhari Vak (OUTPUT) in sanskrit. Now you see, that 3/4th of the word is invisible and is in avyakta state and the visible word is only the 1/4th part of the whole process. One more point is to be noted by those who are still with me. That is, now consider the birth of a human being. He stays 9 months in the womb. i.e he stays 3/4th of  a year inside – avyakta state (here, year is the unit of calculation). So, “Man is made in the image of God” will now be understood deeply by you when you link up all the above said facts.

Now that you got a special key to understand, unlock the questions we posed
—- 1) self explanatory
—- 2) So, on the fourth stage of creation, the visible world came into existence is what it means. Also, the “Word” that they are speaking is the consciousness materializing and symbolically / as a code it is encoded in our Speech (i.e why we say the goddess of speech SARASWATHI originated from Brahma the consciousness)
—- 3) So, Vishnu the avyakta consciousness got an impulse to create and created Brahma. Brahma has four heads to depict the four stages of evolution of consciousness. Brahma’s daughter is Saraswathi (godess of education, or THE WORD) whom he married symbolizes the fact that consciousness now utters the word for the creation and dwells in the word to come into conscious-existence.
—- 4) Veda Vyasa wrote Bhagavatam in correspondance to the birth of cosmic lord (all pervading consciousness) into a human form or Jeeva (apparantly limited consciousness). So, he divided the bhagavatam into 12 cantos. Canto 1 describes death of Krishna symbolizing the condensation of universal consciousness from its abode of omnipresence into human form so a death of omnipresence is what proclaimed by canto 1. In canto 3 he describes: “Kapila” and “Maytreya” siddhanta which describes the laws of creation and its origins and identically describing what happens to the baby in its 3rd month i.e a vertebral column, teeth (gums) etc are formed symbolizing the advent of different consciousness i.e number, shape etc into the human as a higher principles called “Devas” (I will explain this in another post). In 10th canto he describes about the birth of Krishna or birth of a baby after 9 months of development — both physical and mental. Thus, there is a parallel drawn between human embryonic development, lord Krishna’s birth and the birth of Universe!

I know, that in the last part I have missed few links. I just wanted to give hints for you brethren to align your thinking to that of the seers. I hope, I at-least created a spark or “Aww” in you. Where not comfortable, or want to enlighten me with a different approach, please do respond.

Thank You.



  1. Sir, can you please define intuition? I couldn’t understand what intuition is as I couldn’t find a proper meaning and a convincing meaning, is it like random thoughts that pop up? I don’t understand and how do I develop my Intuition according to the Vedic wisdom?


    1. Intuition is that faculty of mind which suggests the analytical mind certain things in a subtle way. It’s a great question – how to differentiate intuitive mind vs randomly thought popping mind. Intuition develops when the randomly popping thoughts reduce. “Randomness” is the key there. Intuition is active when it feels the base necessity of spiritual/physical existence needs a thorough modification.

      When mind holds on to higher aspects of life – like contemplating on the question you asked or contemplating on “I AM” in all etc, randomness decreases and regularity starts. Regularity is a discipline. A disciplined mind is like a ripple less water and hence buddhi or discriminative will from within starts to sprout. One of its esteemed functions is spontaneous intuition or spontaneously suggesting the “truth” amidst poly-existence.

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  2. Sir, so does god made man in his own image mean, patterns repeat throughout the universe, and on a personal level, our reality is a mirror of what’s happening inside us at that moment? Is it somehow equivalent to yat pinde tat brahmande then?

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    1. Exactly right on track! Seems you have been on a self enquiry path and your questions now somehow seem more refined. Good to see someone transforming like that.

      Infact, look at why Mahabharata or ramayana are so famous? Is it because of poetic or story beauty alone? No. The story that happened once is also ever happening in us. That’s why the scriptures are close to humanity. Individuals may not like, but as a whole, the group consciousness of humanity does acknowledges their grandeur for this reason.

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