10) Majestic Universe – A Poem

Majestic universe

I. State of slumber

Everything was dormant, in the bosom

Everyone were asleep, on the lap

Of the Impenetrable Darkness


The depth of this abyss nor its girth

The colour of its vibes nor its past valour

Knoweth not, for there was Naught


The incredible infinitudes of its eternal spiral

The inaudible Glory of its vast tidal

Showeth the subtle dynamism in its state potential


The smallest of the smaller is still not so small and

The darkest of the dark is still not so dark

The infinity is not so infinite nor the null-set is not so bland,

In its comparison to this Infinite Vacuum, the DARK


Dimensions of space are concealed inside it’s ZERO

Arrow of time is held tight, to it’s BOW

Thus frozen are the very dimensions of our comprehension


The negations thus prevailed throughout

The abstractions, in an attempt to explain, just fallout

Subjective was it, without any objectifications


The vacuum is just the apparent, but actually is a true parent

The nothingness is not an existential nullity, but only the potential purity

For, this all was ONE and SECOND was none to it,

Hence, the questions and answers above are but paradoxical,

For, the observed and the observer are but the same!!


The paradox is nature of so called evolved LOGIC,

But the ancient orthodox calls it, a Divine Magic

For, the logic beyond logic always is a Mystique


So, in essence …

Does nothing exists in something or something exists in nothing!?

Is the DARK, the true DARK or an unperceivable Bright!?


II. The Origins

In the deep slumber, of the magnificent unfathomable womb

Creeps in the spark of light, from where or whom knoweth not,

But creeps out the very carrier of this slumbering womb


Thus, she gets impregnated by the vital of Dynamism

Jolting the lazy eggs with the sparks of vitals of Life

Which then fecundate few, but at random – only to us.


The first cause of spark of light, may we call the Father

The carrier of this fecundated womb, may we call the Mother

Thus from the Unison, forming the union of the Dual – The First Couple


The state before fecundation, has no attributes or qualities

Hence, making the slumbering DARK a neuter

The source of SPARK has the ability of a donor and hence a male,

While the separated DARK has the ability to fertilize and hence a female

Thus forming the first Trinity of Cosmos – a neuter, a male and a female.


The neuter is the substratum which exists irrespective of the other Duo

The reason behind the origins of spark, at least does IT know?

Know” happens when knower is different from the known

So, does the spark occurs in it or by it?!


The neuter forms the background, the blank page

While the couple enacts the dance, on this romantic stage

Forming the patterns of comprehensible Universe, using it as leverage


This is a divine dance indeed, as depicted in the statue of NATARAJA’s dance

The same cosmic dance of subatomic particles, as in the
atomic science

The same play that allures deep thinkers with its majestic stance!


As above, the few among the myriad of potential point seed

Get the jolts by the steps of the dance, ready for the breed

And we shall choose to speak of OUR closest, for everyone to heed


Thus, there arose a point, expressing its urge of creation

By the so called BIG BANG, forming numerous clusters

And the story may be skipped until our solar system’s lustures


How, from nothing, came something of what we perceived

When, the comprehensible worlds came to be conceived

Where to, will the ever expanding UNIVERSE be lead!!


Shall we have to wait and watch!


III.The Creation

The points, after the jolt, are much vitalized

That the zero was broken for the space be released

And, the arrow of time is swiftly shot, for the further proceed


Space-Time, formed the fabric of the very creational storm

Woven from the seed point, like silk from silkworm

Awaiting for the constraints to be imposed on the later form


From the space, came the gases which are very kinetic

This produced the necessary fire, which in turn expanded

The expansion cooled to become the liquid and liquids to solids

Forming the 4 basic elementals of the perceivable creation –

(Earth, Water, Fire, Air).


Thus, the slumbering dark got a spark

The spark gave the dark a memorable mark

She got the children, the fiery Balls of Light

They got their off-springs, the reflective balls of might

The balls of fire and might are a unit of a family

Forming the first structure in the tree of Life lovely

For, The sun breaths fire and his Sons Swallow

The heat and light, reflecting some to the others with low

Thus hinting a spirit of selfless share amongst the little ones.


Among the many SUNS who are the SONS,

There was one, very unique and brilliant –The Golden Orb

Having the rays of light, that was his lion’s share from THE LIGHT


(….. to be continued


    1. Right! I wanted to continue, but universe blocked my mind in this respect. I wrote all that in 10-20 min. As I remember and boom… Nothing…. Haha… Waiting for another inspiration. I want to describe our solar system a bit more, the zodiac and then our earth, moon and kingdoms of earth (mineral, plant, animal, and human) and the soul and connect back to the starting nothingness

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 10-20 min…sure it is unbelievable hand-mind-thought-thought-mind-hand coordination…just amazing so many sources has been accumulated and assimilated to bring in this kind of a co-ordinated piece of work!


      2. Haha ..It was a 20min spontaneous writing which went continuously after a deep contemplative evening. I planned mentally to write also, splendors of our solar system, then Earth and then human and draw a parallel. But the power of thought got cut at where I left. Haha…I am still waiting. Before and after this poem, I always wrote short ones. But this had a potential to become a grand one, but it did not. Let’s see when I will be inspired again!!

        Thanks btw 🙂


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