Mystic Passages 1 – Aswini Suktam


Till now we have tried to understand many ways to unlock the ancient wisdom. All that was theoretical, in a way. Now it is time for us to explore the practical side of our learning. So, I have decided to dedicate another menu heading for the purpose – “Mystic Passages”. The aim of this series is to bring in some archaic passages and unveil the hidden messages with the help of many keys that were explored in this blog. This will give us some experiential ground to apply the hints that we have gathered till now. 

In this first part of the series, I have chosen a passage from “Mahabharata”. The preamble runs as follows. A character named “Upamanyu” takes care of the job of overseeing the cattle. Having warned by his guru “Thoumya” to not drink the milk of the cows, as the cows are not of theirs, he wrongly eats a poisonous plant and the white liquid of that plant touches his eyes and he becomes blind. Then he falls into a ditch. Noticing his absence, his guru comes in search of him. When he realizes that Upamanyu lost his eyesight, he asks him to recite the mystic passages on “Aśvini Datās”, who having pleased by his prayers, restores his eye sight and also gives him the wisdom of LIGHTS (Jyotirvidya). The story is pregnant with many interesting points, but let us focus only on one of the stanzas of the prayers that he uttered.

The Mystic Passage:

Ṣaṣṭiśca gāvaḥ triśataśca dhēnavaḥ
Ēkaṃ vatsaṃ suvatītaṃ duhaṃti
Nānāgōṣṭhāvihitā ēkadōhanāḥ
Tā vaśvinau duhatō gharma mukthyaṃ

Word to Word Meaning:

Ṣaṣṭiḥ = 60; Gāvaḥ+Ca = Cows; Triśatiḥ = 300; Dhēnavaḥ+Ca = a milch cow; Ēkaṃ Vatsaṃ = One calf; Suvatē = Giving birth to; Taṃ = To it; Duhaṃti = giving milk; Nānā Gōṣṭha = many groups; Vihitāḥ = arranged; Ēkadōhanāḥ = Having only one udder; Tau+Aśvinau = Those two Aśvinis; Gharmaṃ = Sunlight or heat from sunlight; Ukthyaṃ = Food; Duhataḥ = They are squeezing. 


360 cows gave birth to only one calf and are feeding it with the milk. The Aśvini dēvatās arranged these cows into many groups. All cows together have only one udder. From this udder, they are milking the warmth of sunlight as their food.

Unveiling the Mystery:

When a profane reads the above import, they will obviously think that the author, Sage Vyāsa, has no logical sense at all. How can 360 cows give birth to one calf? How can all of them have only one UDDER? All this will seem a crazy mind’s fantasy. Let us see if the profane is right in his exclamation, or if we have some coherent thought in this passage.

Previously, in the articles: 28) The SIX Keys (Part-1)28) The Six Keys (part-2) we have explored extensively how “Gau” not only implies cows, but also light! It is that key we need to apply here. The literal translation suggests that:

  • There are 360 cows
  • They have one calf
  • They have one udder
  • The milk that they give is sunlight

The last point is itself a hint for us to change the meaning associated with the word “Gau” to light. Why? Let us see point by point:

  • There are 360 cows: The number 360 is very important here. Why not 361 or 259 cows? why exactly 360 cows? The numerical key and the astrological key suggest us that 360 is intimately associated with circular measures. Any point has 360 degrees around it, in a potential manner. When you draw a circle around the point, the 360 divisions manifest. Otherwise, they are un-manifest or potential. When a circle manifests around a point, these 360 potential degrees will take manifested roles of “angles”. The potential state of un-manifest is called as “Sādhyās” in the vēda. A sādhya is an angel. We can see how intimately the words “Angel” and “Angle” are related! So, in our scenario, the word “gau” implies that which divides the circle into a circular-division and not cow. A milch cow represents a cow that gives milk or a cow that manifested its calf. So, in this context, 360 milch cows would imply that the point of consideration is manifested and hence also the 360 angles or divisions thereon. 
  • They all have one calf: Now that we have established that “gau” is not cow, it is easy to identify what the calf here would mean. The calf then, is their progeny. To what does all these divisions correspond to, once they manifest? the circle. So, the one calf that all these divisions are giving rise to is the ONE unit circle. A circle is symbolic for a “cyclic” phenomena. So, any cyclic phenomena that occurs in this creation is the one calf that is being described here. 
  • They have ONE udder: Now it is obviously clear that if the “gau” is an angular division, then the one udder is the central point. The one POINT acts as one udder to all the 360 divisions (cows) which give rise to one circle (calf). They feed this calf implies that the central point is joined to the circle through many radii. Each radii represents the feeding element of one of the 360 cows to the calf. 
  • The milk that they give is sunlight: So, this point solves the whole riddle of our confusions now. Because the milk is the warmth of sunlight, the UDDER must be verily SUN. If the udder or the central point is SUN, then the 360 cows that connect from the central SUN to the circle are nothing but the SUN’S RAYS that surround it. Because the 360 cows are SUN’s RAYS, the circle(s) that is forming from these are: Year Cycles, Seasonal Cycles, Planetary Orbits, etc. All these cycles are caused by the SUN light and hence all these “circles” are the “ONE Calf” of 360 cows! How can sunlight be milk? Milk is the food for a calf. We all depend on sunlight for our food – do we not? And, are we not the calves of the creation? So, the many cows or rays of sun are feeding us the milk of sunlight with which, we are able to live.

Thus, we see that the angels – Aśvinis are squeezing the essence of SUN light as the very splendors of the cyclic creation. Așvini dēvatās, in the above story, have been said to restore the eye sight of Upamanyu. They are the angels of “Binaries” and that is why there are two Aśvini dēvatās. The two aspects in our body are: eyes, ears, lungs, etc. So, they rule the binaries of this creation, including the binaries of our body. Also, to suggest that they are the lords of LIGHT (and hence lords of binaries of days and nights), it was said that they bestowed Upamanyu with the wisdom of LIGHTS or Jyōtirvidya.

Also, it is said that they are arranging the cows in different groups. That means, the different divisions, as we mentioned earlier, like seasons, year cycles, planetary orbits, etc are being caused due to different roles taken by the rays of the SUN. Here one must understand the rays as creative rays of divine light rather than the visible rays of SUN. Just like we (the soul) is different from our body, there are “spiritual rays” as well as the physical rays of SUN that we see. If this key is understood, then the grouping of rays into many different cycles of creation is easy to understand!


So, we have used the key of Nirukta (Gau = LIGHT RAY), key of Numbers (360), key of Astrology in decoding one of the passages. It is in this way, do we need to unlock the mystic passages. Without the keys, we would have been left with a mythical group of 360 cows with one udder! The seed inspiration for this article comes from a Telugu book titled – “Aśvini Dēvatalu” written by my GURU – Master. E. K.

Thank You!




    1. You can understand who he is from the following links:
      1) A biographical sketch on him:

      2) His online English books are available at:

      3) Youtube documentary on his life (videos 2 to 5 are on him. Video 1 is on his GURU.):

      In short, Master E.K’s (1926-1984) works changed my whole perspective and I am connected to him at non-physical level. All the articles to which you gave the “wows”on my blog, are but tiny specs inspired from his literature. So, you can understand the grandeur of his works 🙂 … Anyway, its a worth while for you to explore and see. You may connect to his teachings or you may not, but its interesting to know that such people existed in recent times.


    1. Namaste! I did translate Master E.K’s Telugu commentary on SUparna Suktam. It is awaiting spell-check and publication. When the processing is done, I will ping-back here.

      There is another English version by Prof. C. Kunhan Raja of Andhra University. Yet another by Ramakrishna Mission. Though
      not profound, they do necessary job of introducing some important aspects. You may briefly look at them before my translation is published.

      Thank You!


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