My first book published on Amazon

My first ebook got published and is live on Amazon. Its paperback is now available through paperback-copy

The book is a commentary on first few names of Lalita sahasranama. Feel free to buy, download, read, share and review the book. The ebook is available in all of the Amazon stores (.in,, etc). I have barely touched the surface of the concept of world mother in my past articles here in the blog. The book is a full fledged exploration into the majestic nature of the world mother. Following is a brief summary:

Summary (taken from the book-page of the Amazon link shared above):

In the ancient lore that flourished in the land of Bhārat (India), there is one particular branch of wisdom which lived through the test of time. That is the worshipping of the lord through the thousand names. This is called by the name “Sahasranāma”. “Sahasra” means thousand or infinite and “Nāma” means a name. To worship the lord with thousand names means to utter each name through the vocals and meditate on its meaning. It is the proclamation of this wisdom branch that such a meditation can dissolve one’s individual self in the universal self of the ONE Omniness.

Splendors of that Omniscient lord are often addressed as the “World Mother or Lalitā”. Lalitā Sahasranāma are the thousand names that address the many qualities of the world mother and helps an aspirant who wishes to experience the splendors of the almighty.

This series “Lalitā Priyadīpika” is an attempt to explore the nature of all the thousand names that are found in the original text of Lalitā Sahasranāma. The exploration will be in considerable depth. Word-to-word meaning of each of the names are given along with an explanation of the hymn containing the name and a detailed exposition of the manifold nature of the meaning of the name. This is done thorugh the synthesis of many branches of wisdom. Only such a harmonious synthesis can lead to blissful understanding of hiden mysteries of creation as explored in ancient scriptures.

For Volume-1, 1-51 names are taken and explored. Volume-2 having names from 52-111 is ready and will be published soon. Further volumes are planned to expound on remainng names. The reason to choose first 111 names is that these 111 names, in quintessence, capture the most important aspects of the whole text of Lalitā Sahasranāma.

Reader is gently asked to note that for the source names, which are in Sanskrit, IAST (International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration) scheme is used.

Enjoy the Read!



      1. “Being/Though” a man of science, you are equipped with the art of dissecting works of ancient Sanskrit.

        I’d ask if there’s any fine-grained dictionary of Sanskrit to English, of course as close as possible.

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