Lalitā Priyadīpikā – Vol.2 (Now Published on Amazon)

I am happy to share that my long awaited second volume of the series: Lalitā Priyadīpikā – A commentary to the thousand names of Lalita Sahasranama, is now published on Amazon.

This volume-2 consists of explanation to the names 52 to 111 and has the following topics as its undercurrent: Kuṇḍalini/Serpent Power, 7 Chakras,  Śrī Vidya, Śrī Cakra or Śrī Yantra, Mēru, Ten incarnations, Mythological allegories, Vēdic correlations, Tantric inferences, Esoteric view of Ganesha and many other enigmatic topics. 

Do read and kindly share your valuable suggestions and experiences.

Thank You.



  1. Coincidentally, as far as this blurb goes, there is a faction who abhors the “use” of Serpent, as they’d translated Kundalini into Devil Power. And God forbid, translating a whole religion into a Devil’s one ! 😨

    Not sure, how to cast the “Devil” out of their mind. 😰

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    1. Devil or God, depends on perspective of individual. The absolute is quality-less and hence can not belong to either good or bad but “BEING”. That is why, even in TANTRA, we see how there are paths that lead to self realisation (going beyond pains and pleasures) and self destruction (more into pains and pleasures), though the instruction sets are the same. So, by trial and error method or by personal keen observations, people take to different paths as per the KARMA and eventually reach absolute. One is like the path of an electron in a superconductor whereas the other is the path of an electron in a normal conductor (zig-zag).

      So, what “others” perceive or think is not in our hands. We SEE GOD in all and proceed and let the KARMA and GRACE take to shape the world around us. All we can offer is light. To see or not is others’ issue 😉 🙂


      1. First of all, thank you for your thought, hopefully clarifying the mist in my mind.

        I’d have to slowly reread and digest the first paragraph, wait for the light to beam (usually I don’t understand things that well, unless I dive in its current – more of a whirlpool that pulls me in).

        As for the second paragraph, it is the reason why I have not been able to develop the art of influencing people in life, as I consider, convincing is not my job, though explanation can be.

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