God – A Capsule Description

An ignorant says “God is Nowhere“, but the realized says “God is Now-Here”

– Swami Vidyāprakāśānanda Giri.

Hi! it has been a long time since we have ventured into the wild forests of God-consciousness. The reason being my own TIME was not under my control. But finally it has rewarded me with an ability to author two books* and to successfully complete my PhD (Joint doctorate from Ireland and Poland) in Quantum Physics. The same TIME has also blessed me with a baby daughter Varali who has changed my life forever! It is only now that the spiraling time has paved way for my self-exploration. After all, this time is nothing but Kālapuruṣa – the eternal principle of Omnipresent. Bowing to it in humbleness and praying to it to bring forth the abundance of goodness from its unfathomable womb, let us explore today’s topic.

Today’s Topic

Who is GOD? Is GOD a HE, IT or a SHE? How many of them are there? What is God’s nature? Are these questions needed at all? We all live in an era where a human is able to probe deep into an atom or deep into the Universe. We see many people of the east are favouring atheistic ideas due to the western influence. Where does the age-old concept of GOD fit-in, in our everyday life? Can the present and future generations be shown the ways of the old in a more appreciable way? These form basic train of thoughts around which the present article is woven.

Present day crisis

Development should imply evolving into a better future in a sustainable and harmonious way. But the concept of development in the present era has taken a different garb. It definitely progresses at the cost of destruction of something else. We say cities are developed. But at what cost? At the cost of depleting nature’s resources and turning them into concrete debris, killing and driving away the beautiful birds and their habitat, rising pollution levels and make our own lives miserable, train ourselves to be much busy so that we do not have to smile at another human’s face and greet. Problems are many – countless.

The good aspect may also seem to exist, such as quick health services or better education. But, are these really GOOD? I feel its a vicious circle. The education we receive these days lacks a basic theme of symbiotic living with the Earth. Such a poor “educated” life brings in all kinds of diseases as mentioned above (mental and physical) and this in turn needs quick and better health services. But as we all know how the health sector has become a business rather than service! Then, what is the development we are speaking in the so called developed cities?

So the present day world crisis is the attitude towards LIFE. The resourceful humans misbehave with the nature as well as their own nature and because of that even those who do not misbehave, also have to suffer, as we are all on same boat!

Can sciences save us?

Part cannot understand the whole. Any branch of knowledge that comes out of a chaotic mindset cannot yield solutions to the problematic chaos. The present day humanity as a whole suffers from such chaos in their mental attitude which is visible in everyday life events. When such a humanity tries to probe deep into the mysteries of nature, there is a high probability that they will misuse such knowledge. The development and use of atom-bombs, bio-weapons, hacking, etc., are only the tip of potential iceberg. So, can sciences help us? Science is like a knife. A knife can cut our fingers or cut vegetables for us. Similarly a science can help us be used to self-destruct. So, before developing and using science properly, the handler of science needs to train in the art of self-regulation. But a science which explores and teaches in the aforementioned direction of thought (self-regulate) is missing from the explorations of modern era.

What about religions?

Though the outer form of the problem seems to be new, the core of the problem remains the same, no matter the era of human life. Power, greed, money, physical relations, etc., form the main factors. The means to achieve supremacy of one over the other have changed – from bows & arrows to bombs – but the urge to show supremacy did not. In fact this starts right from the core of modern education where a budding human has to show their supremacy even when they are as little as in kindergarten.

This is where the concept of religion arose in medieval times. Religion is not ageless. Every religion is originated by some prophet and this is the birth-date of religion. A religion is like a school which teaches the subject of how a human should live in a symbiotic way with nature and its beings. As the subject is same for all humans, though the way it is taught may differ, it is said that all religions are equivalent.

But the subject is in the form of tenets, rules & regulations, commands, etc. Though these tenets seem rigid, they have originated from a compassionate and highly evolved human – may be called a prophet. But, because they originate from a human, they are limited by his own limitations. So, any religion in the world can only take its follower to the levels that the prophet has reached in human evolution (I mean mental or psychological evolution). But, at least until then, they are an excellent means to shape human thought process and thus help solve the issue of shaping the attitude upto certain extent. Then why do we fight in the name of religions? Again the concept of the vessel+milk needs to be borrowed. Religion is thought to be needed to those who are in chaos, but those who are in chaos cannot understand its tenets properly and misunderstand it and hence even religion struggle to help in actuality. That is why, even though the start of every religion is for a greater purpose, it is often degraded to the levels of showing supremacy of one religion over the other! History speaks for itself.

I am not against any religion. I want t suggest to those who do not believe in religion, its merits and to those who questions its struggle, the reasoning.

Dharma – beyond religion

Beyond the known religions, there exists a book that serves as the original copy of eternal laws from which mankind copies into its own language from time to time. This book is the BOOK OF NATURE. This in sanskrit is called DHARMA an eternal set of laws. For example, consider the concept of charity as extolled in a religion. It is actually copied from the book of nature: see the sun sharing its light or tree sharing its fruit and shade, etc. Similarly other tenets. So, a religion forms subset of DHARMA and in fact unless a religion is understood under the torch of DHARMA, its purpose can not be fulfilled to fuller extent. DHARMA can not be claimed by any sect of humans, it is for all. Sun rises in the east or hunger affects all, are universal in nature. Indian can not say Sun only rises in the east in India or European that only they feel the hunger! So also DHARMA is universal as it is the very expression of NATURE.

All religions originate from this DHARMA and hence copy the laws of nature into their own language. Whenever there is a confusion in the religions, one must resort to original source – NATURE. Then, the struggle of religion is easily eased. Infact, if one follows DHARMA, there is no need for religion. That is why all the ancients had no religions – be it Egyptians or Indians or Mayans. Their civilisations could directly understand the book of nature and hence no schools of religions were required. But over the time, we lost such intuitive sight into things around and inside us and hence religions originated.

Again with the present crisis, it is time to once again lift off the veil that covered the eternal DHARMA and understand the world in new perspective under the ETERNAL torch!


God in religions is limited by the limitation set by human thought. He acts as a moral yard stick in any religion rather than something beyond human nature. But if the book of nature is considered, the content of this book is nothing but GOD. So, he is beyond humans, beyond universes and beyond nature itself. Mathematics is beyond the maths textbook which expounds it. So also God is beyond nature, even though understood through nature. Observing the book of nature reveals the secret that a unified intelligence rules the nature of nature. This itelligence belongs to what we term as GOD. GOD is neither a personality nor a thing nor a human but all these are GOD in their essence.


When GOD is understood as the thread which binds the existence of each entity in a sophisticated fashion, we will start to feel connected to all the things around us. This helps us to develop a compassionate attitude towards all the living and so called non-living entities. Our greed, urge t show supremacy, etc will dissolve in the new wave of love that throbs through the living heart of our existence. One may obtain all this without invoking the term GOD. Such people are really theists rather than atheists because, they do not have time to argue over the existence of GOD but only purpose to serve others for sake of service. When we eat, even though we do not know the name of the item, the item is assimilated and digested in us. So also with the life – GOD need not be coined or analysed but the unified existence needs to be realized and our life should support other lives, not destroy. But knowing the contents of the item (calories, proties, etc.) help us shape our diet perfectly. Similarly, nowng the details of GOD helps us live resonantly.

This leads to removal of world crisis step by step. In a way this blog is dedicated to explore the details of the GOD which in turn helps us in developing a deep connection to the things in and around us!

Thank You



  1. “Part cannot understand the whole” – true but the whole can be understood by parts, the reason how biology dissection to diagnosis, chemistry materials to molecules etc. have paved the way to the era of information.

    “Supremacy … in kindergarten” – that’s an oratorical way of saying “bad competition” 👏and surely worthy of name of a book, if so ever written. Indeed it is a pity how self-destructive a character is built since childhood, on the pretext of “Being Better” – that’s another name, that I am tempted to write a book on. [ Sidenote : Do you know how many pages, a book has ? “Okay, a chapter then.” What ! How many paragraphs, a chapter can have ? “Okie, just a para then. Only a WP post.” Is that the only thing to be better at ? “Oh, c’mon, now stop whimpering.” ]

    “Every religion has a birth-date” – Aha, finally – “A Daniel come to judgement !” (MOV, Shylock). “… why all the ancients had no religion” – bullseye – “A Daniel, still I say” (MOV, Gratiano). “Mathematics is beyond maths textbook” – so is, as you have implied, God is beyond a single book. I’d say, that religion was an amateur attempt towards Theory of Everything, hoping to confine that infinite Everything inside a finite Book.

    “In a way this blog is …” – the last paragraph sounds like “The Return of H2AW”, the sequel.

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  2. We have personified God as a living entity up there in the sky. That misconception you have very intelligently erased by understanding Him/Her through the Book of Nature. God goes beyond the Book of Nature, but that is enough for us to perceive Him for all practical purposes.

    The magnanimity of God finds space in every atom or sub-atoms constituting our worlds. However, besides these somatic existences, His residency is also sought in our minds and thoughts which influence our deeds. And this is where a progressive and pragmatic turn in our study and understanding of God in contemporary society can take place.

    In this forward-looking engagement, our review and awareness of God begin by re-establishing His image that He represents the supremacy of perfection representing the ultimate in human values based on the purity of thought. And He is part of the commitment and relationship with our environments including animals, plants, rivers, mountains, etc. We need a God which is more of an action, a verb, rather than a non-action or noun.

    The ongoing debate, if man created God, or God created man, can be settled as the Creator and the created are eternally One entity.

    Anyway, these are my raw thoughts on the subject, while I do admire you to write on this complex subject, that shows a clear pathway in nature towards the realization and adoption of God.


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