New book published – The Grandeur Of Om (A Meditative Approach)

My new book titled “The Grandeur of Om – A Meditative APproach” is now published and is live on Amazon and Notion Press.

Book Synopsis

In the age-old tradition that has been handed to us by the highly realized vedic seers, any mantra is to be uttered only after the invocation of the mystic syllable โ€œOmโ€. But, what is Om? How should it be uttered? Why should it be uttered? What is its relation to the world we live in? How is it connected to the concept of God? What are its practical uses in our daily life? Such questions are clearly answered by Mandukya Upanishad. It is a concise treatise on the grandeur of Om. It offers some practical meditative instructions, which when sincerely followed by us, allow us to enter into the experiential world of the God-ultimate. This Upanishad contains 12 aphorisms. The present work is an attempt to thoroughly explain the intricacies contained in these aphorisms. Every aphorism is provided with a word to word meaning, a direct import and a detailed explanation. The commentary is non-traditional in its style and it does not belong to any one school of thought. I have chosen to link many branches of wisdom such as that of the Veda, Tantra, Purana, Sri Vidya, Modern Sciences, etc. This is to bring out a systematic and harmonious outlook which aims to connect the missing dots in the spiritual journey of a truth seeker. I welcome the interested reader into this enigmatic journey.

Ebook via kindle app

The kindle ebook version is free to purchase on 24th Feb and March 3rd.

Paperback via Amazon and Notion Press

also available at

Do read and share your valuable thoughts. Thank You.



  1. Congrats on the book! I’ve been reading all your older posts and they are a treasure! Have you written anything about the mystical number 72? Why so much importance to this number? We have so many sacred geometry revolving around 72 and sum of numbers leading to 72 ( Like Kuber number) Even the order in which they write the numbers in the 9*9 grid follows a certain pattern that matches how we count on our fingers for mantra chanting.

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    1. Hi, thanks for dropping by. I am very happy to know that my blog articles are helping your search for truth. Feel free to comment on other articles too.

      Yes, I have written on 72 – in Lalita Sahasranama. Summary as follows:

      72 is intimately linked to precision of equinox or the wobble of the Earth, total number of Father- Ragas of Indian music, concept of MahaYugas or sweeps of time, Base number of Nadis in human constitution according to Tantras, etc. If you want I can write an article. Else, let me know specifically. .

      The grid is but a way for us to understand and hence is like a script. It veils the truth behind. So first contemplate on natural phenomena occuring in nature and in us in relation to 72 to decode it’s mysteries rather than getting carried away by the garb of magical cubes. All the best.


  2. Thank you very much. Whether it is 72 or 108 it probably is all about the 9. Lot to think and read about. I’m taking the time to read through all the posts and thank you for all the books recommendations. If you can write about all the muggulu/kolam South Indian households draw that would be great. There are so many geometric patterns people use. Srivatsa Endless knot ( i recently found there is a name to this muggulu/kolam) is very common in homes so his Hridya Kamala and there is one with triangles ( not Sri chakra) etc. I see these all the time but no one knows why they draw it and what it means. Someone told me Hridya Kalama is Venus’ path around the Sun. I don’t know about that.

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    1. Hi, good to know! Thanks!

      108/9/72: Each number has its mysteries. Refer my article on numbers. 360 degrees of a circle are divisible by 9 fold-division and this is related to astrological key. the numbers 9,72, 108, etc., occur in 9-fold division of zodiac. But each has its mysteries, never boil the umber to single digit – if the aim is a complete picture. For example, in Rig Veda there is a line “Panchare Pade Parivarta Mane” which implies the 360/5 – pentagon in circle yielding 72 degrees.

      Kolam: We must differentiate between the ancient patterns and modern patterns. Patterns exist in nature as keys for us to meditate. when they unlock the beauty of nature in us, they express as the kolam. But, it is creativity unlocked, not the supra psychological wisdom. Kolam may contain elements from ancient Mandalas/Chakras, but that is only a nail in the husk.

      Venus path: you may obtain a clue here, let me leave it to your explorative mind


  3. Wow! Thanks for that link. The things that we ( Probably I) don’t know simply staring at us waiting to be thought over and we go about our simple lives doing simple things.

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