Lalita Sahasranama (names:1 to 30)

This is an ongoing exploration consisting of a series of articles on Lalita’s thousand names. Other related prequels/sequels can be obtained here


      1. But don’t you think the way I expressed, I tried to bring out the formless mother at every step?
        Like, I am following the clue of Vedas which extoll the universe as Lords body. And human body is its replica. So all functions we have physically are a stage of manifestations of universal functions……. This is the main theme and thread around which I am exploring the whole series.

        Did you feel it to be just physical admiration? If so, then I should try to go deeper into the theme that I mentioned. Because, physical magnitude is already given by many commentators. It’s my inner urge to go beyond as much as is revealed to me.


      2. Hmm! There are mother devotees who wrote 100 poems on just eyes, 100 poems on lips etc. (Mooka Kavi of Kanchi ) etc. So imagine the depths of beauty aswell as wisdom that they must have perceived? I mean who can write hundred poems on just eyes..haha…..when SHE inspires, I guess the gates of inner self will be wide open!

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    1. Physical yet esoteric, I would say. The next part is called ‘Kamaraja Kuta’ so, it will be describing her shoulders to feet. After that comes different tantric, yogic, and other associations.
      The greatness of LS is, all these bunches of names are interrelated! So it’s a woven fabric of names to form a garb that can be put on her formless body to give a form!

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    2. Actually, I am planning to write a book on this. So, I think I will close this series for now and upload once I put the book online (which might take few months). But in the mean while I want to write blog articles on Sri Chakra and its relation to human body, and some other Sri Vidya related articles. That will serve as appendix to the book I envision.

      Let’s see! As you said you needed the aghiori baba, I need his consort’s grace! 😊

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  1. It’s Gupt Navaratri — and i feel so blessed to contemplate on Mother’s Names — Cidagnikumbasambuta — the discussion about the hen/egg and seed/tree — are you saying the hen lays and egg and from that another hen comes? Sorry to bug you. Thanks for this beautiful offering of love to Mother Divine and letting us also taste the amritam in little sips. Om Parashaktiyai Namaha!

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    1. Welcome back! Indeed! pious utterances!

      Haha I am asking you to think about the circle of egg and hen. Not asserting anything, for the mystery of the cycle is known when the triangle inside is broken – The triangle of Doer, Done and the Doing (Karta-Karma-Kriya) into ONE absolute.

      Thanks! Śrī Mātrē Namah!

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      1. And when i am chanting each name -just imagining Her coming from Chid Agni – deva kaarya — ooooh! itnaa pyaar aata hai naa (don’t know if you know hindi) — Thank YOU! It is a gorgeous meditation and a dip in Amritam. Om Namo Narayani 🙂

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  2. #13 — “different elements of creation borrow the creator’s property, not the other way around”….Magical!
    We are Her children and as we meditate on Her names, we realize Her aspects and She gently awakens them in us — gentleness and beauty together with courage and dynamic strength.
    Well, whether She chooses to do that or not – i just feel blessed and grateful to be a little child in the Lap of my Universal Mother. Please accept my heart-felt gratitude for your explanations that take us within to the place where She abides. Jai Maa Durge!

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      1. In Durga Shaptashati chapter 2 — it says “yamyen chaBhavat keshaa” – i was so excited to read that today. Thank You! May our Mother keep blessing you to share Her love and light upon all of us. Jai Maa! 🙂

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      2. Durga Saptashati and Trishati are few among Godesses works that are dear to common people! They hold high value of esoteric wisdom in form of sweet Cadbury gems of names which melt ourselves as we take each name on our tongue with devotion. 🙂

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