1. Loved the way u described the four Vedas… mind blowing analogy of the science of maths… can u pls elaborate on ‘Yaj’… also are there different schools which interpret Ved in their own way? Cause if it wisdom gained from experience then different people may have different experiences for one same thing… or it does not happen so in case of Ved?…

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    1. Thanks Amit :)…

      What aspects do you want me to elaborate of Yaj? Can you be more specific?

      Yes, there are different schools of interpretation. These schools were necessary for evolution of psychology of different times of the world. Here too, what is that you are exactly looking for? If you are more specific, then my answer can be more direct! Please help me to understand your query better.

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    2. There is triple use of all the vedic wisdom. 1) Physical – which i sthe outward rituals and associations, 2) Mental – for individual consciousness to contemplate on the secrets and 3) Spiritual. Depending on the necessity, different masters of the past generated different paths. For example, Krishna Yajurveda and Shukla Yajurveda – are two wings of the same bird.

      In this respect, you need to relate the aspects like Devpuja or Sangatikaran, etc. to one of the above. For example, take Devpuja — This is triple in its sense: 1) You can worship a deity who exist outside like environmental cleanliness, growing Plants, Feeding the needy, etc. (but worship should be true and hence will eventually lead you to oneness) or 2) You can worship the devas in side you – like maintaining your health and body, feeding right food to the stomach, breathing fresh air, etc. and 3) Worship the SELF having so many deities as the very limbs – This is existing in oneness! So, depending on the evolutionary stage of a being, they will choose one of these and finally evolve to ONENESS of the VEDA.

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  2. The explaining of Rik and the rumbling sound stupendofabulous… Now I understand by what you meant in one of your messages regard Rigved not being merely a collection of Mantras or Ved being nothing but rituals…

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  3. I must compliment you for this in-depth analysis of the roots and origins of the Vedas, and bringing out the compendium from each of them. I can agree with you that Vedas are in essence comprise wisdom which is flexible to interpretation according to time period. I really liked reading this well-researched article. My only suggestion is, if you please don’t mind, to break the essay into smaller paragraphs for easy reading.Best wishes.

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