Mystic Passages 2 – Sri Suktam (part-1)

Part-1 of the article which describes the minimum basis which is required to enter into the exploration of Goddess through the hymn of Sri Suktam.


23) The Vedas

A brief overview on the Vedas, their metaphysical origins, four-fold categorization, etc. The article mostly deals with philosophical and spiritual aspects than historical aspects.

18) Secrets of the epic – Mahābhārata

Mahabharata has many a secret, hidden in it. They are secrets, to the mundane eye and clear TRUTHS to the initiates.

I try in this article, to dive into the world of secrets of this epic, trying to bring out some of the hidden treasures to the surface. My goal is achieved, if the reader gets induced with, at least a small fraction of enthusiasm, to dig deeper into world-scriptures, in the lines of this article.