36) Mystic nature of Numbers


Numbers! Numbers! Some of us are fluent with them and some of us are phobic to them. But none of us “know” what they are! It is innate in human nature to deal with things, as if one knows them, without even knowing them. In one of my earlier articles 29) Paradox of Existence we explored this nature of not knowing anything to its core. Well, given that you have read that article and convinced yourself of this aspect, because it is inevitable, let us move forward.

Among those things, both physical and non-physical, that we do not know and yet use, NUMBERS are the foremost. In-fact, it is not important that we use numbers, but it is important to notice that NUMBERS work through us! Before that let me constrain what I mean by numbers. Here, in this article, I mean numbers to be the set {0, 1, 2,…,9}. All other numbers are formed from this set, isn’t it? Negatives (-2. -45, -2.3, etc.), Irrationals (√2, √3/5, etc.), Imaginary Numbers (2i + √4, etc.), and so on. Also, the decimal system is by default taken because we understand only decimal. If some one wants to argue that we also know so many other systems like binary, octa, etc., I would like to ask them to think- in what system do we “think/feel” of numbers (can we think in binary, for example? IF I ask you to give me 11011101 coins, can you immediately give? — why can’t you? we mentally convert it to decimal and only then can we deal with 1101101, right?!).

So, coming back, how do numbers work through us? Are we not born with fixed number of bones, fixed number of strands in DNA, fixed number of eyes, etc.? Let us take two eyes for example. How is one able to say “two” eyes? Can the person who says “TWO” define “TWO”? But the sense of TWO is in us even though one can’t define it per se. But, if we do not say its TWO eyes, will the existence of two eyes be un-truth? No! So, irrespective of we noticing the TWO or NOT, “TWO eyes” do exist. So, numbers are independent of our existence. But, when we are self-aware of our existence (in a life, when awake, when mind is awake, after crossing certain age of kid-hood, etc.) we are able to “sense” it. How? The ability to sense a number must be innate in us, just like other physical senses (like color, smell, touch, etc).

Can Numbers NOT exist?

But, numbers are a different kind compared to other objects of senses. How so? Well, consider eyes. When light exists, eyes see (I mean mind sees through eyes). When light does not exist, eyes can’t see. So, there is a situation where, a sense-object can and can not exist! But what about numbers? Is it possible for numbers to  NOT exist? Think deeply! If nothing exists in Universe, ” 1 ” exists there as nothing (one unit of nothing)! If something is born, it is born in terms of a number – like one solar system, or one photon or two electrons, or a subatomic particle of 1/2 spin, etc. So, when nothing is there,  ONE exists. When something exists, other numbers are by default there in their existence. Some are manifested as the properties while some exist in potential state. An atom is ONE as a unit, but when split, it splits into many subatomic particles. So, in ONE atom potentially exists SO MANY particles which implies the 1 had other numbers in potential form!  So, THERE is NO situation where numbers never exist!! So, in a way, NUMBERS pre-exist manifestation itself, let alone humans! So, humans did not invent numbers but discovered them!

Numbers as Angels:

These NUMBERS are termed as “Prajāpatīs” in Hindu Purāṇās and “Patriarch Angels” in Testaments, etc., which mean the “progenitors of cosmos“. Almost all ancient mystic orders recognized this ever lasting aspect of NUMBERS to be angelic in a way. Pythagoras, one of the grand mystics of ancient order, defines numbers in a beautiful way. According to Master. E. K’s “Wisdom of Pythagoras book”, Pythagoras defines numbers as follows: “Numbers are among the properties of Space and Time. They exist in Space and germinate in Time.” and “Numbers are Intelligences working in Nature“. This shows the mystic nature of numbers in quintessence form. Let us see the basic nature of numbers and some of associations of these numbers in workings of Universe, with respect to our scriptures, in the following.

Marvels of Numbers:


When the manifestation is in its nothingness or un-manifest state, that which we call everything exists as ONE unit. This ‘1’ is called the Omniscient Lord. Especially in Hindu Purana, one can associate this number with “Paramātma” or “Sri Mahā Viṣṇu (who is depicted to sleeps on a serpent which floats on a milk ocean and from whose navel comes Brahma, etc. For more details please read 1) Establishing the truth in world scriptures – A new perspective !) or “Non-Dual Existence of ADVAITA”. 

This sense of ONE exist as seed even when creation manifests out of the deep abyss of apparent nothingness. Look at us! We are a set of so many forces in equilibrium and yet we call ourselves ONE. When we are called, we say “Yes I am coming”, we do not say “Yes, me, my mouth, my stomach, etc., are coming”. In the sense of “I AM” this ONE is innate. But, this individual “I AM”, being conditioned by the ignorance/MAYA, we sense the presence of other numbers i.e., so many people and so many things etc. When we are at a stage where we feel the whole Universe as one unit, just like the way we feel of our own body (with all its elements) as one unit, we will dwell in ‘1’ and nothing else! So, 1 is the divine number of UNIT existence.

Miscellaneous: – NA –


When the creation has to occur, there occurs a spur in the state of ONE. This is depicted as Sri Maha Vishnu waking from sleep and germinating a LOTUS from navel in which is born BRAHMA, the creator. In Tantrās, the same can be seen as the bifurcation of ONE lord into “Arthanārīśvara – Half Shiva and Half Shakti” state. So, basically, the ONE divides itself into two 1s i.e. 1 ——–> 1 + 1 giving us the number 2. The two ‘1’s that are divided have in them the original ONE (1) as the essence, but now the roles have changed. One 1 (Shiva) forms a base or substratum, whose glory is externalised by the second 1 (Shakti). If SUN is Shiva, SUNLIGHT is SHAKTI, for example. So, the binaries of the whole cosmos starts at this stage of manifestation and the number ‘2’ rules it. 

In human comprehension, the sense of “You and I”, the wake and sleep, Good and Bad, Day and Night, Exhalation and Inhalation, etc., are all workings of this number TWO – 2. One may control the magnitude of these processes, but the number remains 2! This TWO forms the “two wings of the supreme lord SUPARNA whose sweeps in space and time evolves the cosmos” – says Rig Veda (Suparna Suktam)! 

Miscellaneous: Male-Female (natures not genders); Aśvini Dēvatās – Twin Gods; Gemini Constellation (Twins/Male-Female couple); All couples of mythological gods and goddesses; etc.


When the ONE manifested as TWO, the two with the help of ONE becomes THREE i.e.,

1 + 2 = 3

Screenshot from 2018-12-04 21-44-00.png

This “Help” is nothing but the “Dynamism” or “Dynamic Impulse”. While SHIVA is the base and SHAKTI is the externalizing agent, the “ACT of externalization” forms the third entity. This is possible only because of the permeation and all pervading nature of the supreme ONE that we discussed. If not for this ACT, the externalization would be impossible. You see, though we are dividing the process of manifestation into stages, they are all entangled. SHIVA and SHAKTI are always depicted to dance – the Cosmic Dance, I would call, for, this dance produces the many splendors of creation having amazing symphonies hidden as symmetries! Now, how are they dancing? With their WILL. But their WILL is nothing but the supreme 1, because they themselves are made of supreme 1. 

Now, this third stage of manifestation is what is called the ” TRIANGLE ” in Tantras. Tantras are based on these fundamental units: 1 – The point, 2 – The line and these both adding to a 3 – The Triangle. A triangle is what helps us deal in daily routines: Subject-Object-Predicate; Doer-Doing-Done; Mother-Father-Child; Observer-Observing-Observed; etc. So, the dynamism is brought into play with the help of THREE.

It is important to note that the “three-fold” nature of this dynamism is the reason for functioning of “Creation<—>Sustenance<—>Dissolution” aspects of the cosmos. That is why the primary triad of GODs are: Brahma, Viṣṇu and Rudra symbolic for the three above stages of dynamic play. 

Miscellaneous: Three eyes of Shiva – Third eye of dynamism (and hence FIERY in nature) which burns the lethargy of an aspirant; Thrishool – Weapon of most gods and goddesses which have three pointy edges to show the destruction of the nature of three into ONE; Aspects of time as Past, Present and Future, Three domains of existence: Bhu, Bhuvah and Suvah whose lord is GODDESS and hence called – Tripura Sundari (beautiful queen of three cities); Three Guṇās: Sattva, Rajas and Tamas; etc.


This four is formed from the 2 x 2 or 2 + 2. Basically that means, the base is TWO and yet by a different mode of expression of the first 2 we get the second 2 making a total 4. You did not understand, did you?! Ok, lets take an example. Take a horizontal line. A line is a geometrical symbol for TWO because it has two directions to extend. Now, when you rotate the same line we get a vertical line. Its the same line, by a different mode of expression – do you get it now!

Screenshot from 2018-12-04 21-26-20.png

So, what is the role of FOUR in manifested creation? It gives different modes of manifestation. These modes are depicted as the four faces of BRAHMA. His consort SARASWATI, the  flow of universal consciousness, utters the creation in four modes (called as VĀK or Uttered WORD): 

  1. Para Vāk: The State of Impulse
  2. Paśyaṇti Vāk: The state of cloudy idea
  3. Madhyama Vāk: The state of mental blueprint
  4. Vaikharī Vāk: The state of physical utterance.

We also speak in the same likeliness and hence our modes of speech are also four – Sometimes we are just impulsive, sometimes we have cloudy ideas of what to speak and yet we don’t speak them, some time we have clear idea (mental blueprint) and most of the times we do speak after passing through all the above stages! 

Most of the mythologies show this modes of expressions as ” FOUR HANDS – Chatur Bhuja ” of the gods and goddesses. Bhuja also mean one side of a polygon and hence, Chatur- Bhuja would geometrically mean a SQUARE (or a quadrilateral, but for sense of symmetry a square is always considered). And by our number analogy, a square is formed from two tangles (base to base) i.e. 2 + 2 = 4!

Screenshot from 2018-12-05 06-13-49

But, why hands as FOUR? It is with hand that we make use of a “mode of an act”. Hence FOUR are the hands for most of them. The items these hands hold, hold the key to what mode the sages are trying ti convey us. For example, LALITĀ is said to have four hands and one of the hands hold “Noose of Attachment”. So, the mode of attachment and entanglement (power of attraction we may call) is what SHE is lord of when SHE uses that hand! In this way FOUR acts as the MODAL number.

Miscellaneous: FOUR also shows the fundamental stability in terms of modes of expression. Why are there only 4 modes and why not 5? We do not know, but because there are only 4, the FOUR forms the number of stability. Only passing through 4 stages can a WORD be uttered right?! There lies the logic! That is why the minimum number of legs required for a stable BED or a TABLE is 4! Humans also have 4 limbs for their stable activity in everyday life!  Other sets of four are: East-West-North-South; East-West-Zenith-Nadir; Sunrise-Noon-Sunset-MidNight; three space dimensions and one time dimension (3+1) with which we comprehend the world around us.


If you observe, the numbers 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 all dealt with formation of non-physical creation. 1 was Unique ONENESS, 2 was separation of Energy/Dynamism, 3 was introducing the act of dynamism while 4 was creating the dimensions and modes of manifestations.

Now comes 5 which is very intimately connected with formation of actual creation, including physical. This five occurs as the fundamental background of formation of five “STATES of EXISTENCE” namely: 

1. Ether or ĀKĀŚA – The all pervading space. This space is not the space as we perceive but the space that exists as support to the space that we perceive. This is equivalent to the abode of the supreme ONE-1.

2. Cosmic Pulsation or VĀYU: Generally Vāyu is termed as “AIR” but its not. VĀYU is the property of cosmic pulsation. “Universe Pulsates” is the age old occult truth propagated by all the scriptures. This pulsation occurs in many ways: Universe germinates and culminates and so the bodies and beings in it (please see the article and videos there in: 34) Beauties of 7 Musical Notes)! This is called the inhalation and exhalation of creator Brahma and thus this cyclic pulsations of Universe are called “Breath of Brahma”. This exists in us, as a seed principle and hence we too inhale and exhale air. Thus, “AIR” also is called “VĀYU”. VĀYU is direct condensation of Ākāśa into a grosser state. 

3. Cosmic Fire or AGNI: This is the gateway between manifestation and the un-manifest and hence also stands in between the five states of existence, as the third one. It is called “Jāta Vēda” because it is born out of the VĒDA – The Universal ONENESS and the Universe (as we perceive) is born out of IT. The physical fire, which is a grosser manifestation of the cosmic fire brings forth LIGHT, as we perceive, from domains unknown. This fire exists in cosmos as the agent that lightens the SUNS (one may call it the reactions, but the property of reactions emitting light is due to this FIRE) and in us as the mental fire in mind as the ability to think and fire of hunger as the ability to digest food, etc.!

4. Waters of Creation or ĀPAS: ĀPAS is that water of creation which flows  in the Universe as consciousness. Physical water is grosser state of this ĀPAS and that is why they have the property of FLOW! These waters are the nourishing agents for the created entities. Lord of these waters is called “Nārāyaṇa”. “Nāra” means waters and “Ayana” means to move. So, these waters cause movement in the Universe as ripples and waves. Lets say, SUNLIGHT has to reach Earth from SUN. How is this movement possible? It is said that these waters help them to move from one place to other. One knows that the moment photon is born, it moves, but no one knows why. It is because of these waters. So, these waters act as that medium/agent that actually transport things from place to place. That is why the physical waters also help transport different materials in our body and nourish it or allows us to transport on boats to different places, etc.!

5. Physical Manifestation or PṚTHVI: Final state of existence is physical form – that we actually perceive with our senses. PṚTHVI is that which can support or that which is gross-form in its existence. Our Earth is one such manifestations and hence is also called Pṛthvi, but actually all the physical manifestation put together is “PṚTHVI”. 

All this can be represented by a Pentagon or a Star geometrically. The star is esoteric having much more to it – Like it represents a MAN standing or inverted star represents a Beast (animal or representation of physical manifestation). So, we embed a star (pentagram – search esoteric doctrines for more info if you like!) in a pentagon for geometrical completeness here as the symbol of FIVE:

Screenshot from 2018-12-05 07-01-16

It is important to note that all the four states – AGNI, VĀYU, ĀPAS and PṚTHVI exist in each other and hence forms a matrix of 4 x 4 = 16 – the glory of physical manifestation! The ĀKĀSA/Space is a stable entity and hence exists in all and all in it! For example, lets take Pṛthvi. It has gross fire, gross water, gross air in it! Similarly, take AGNI –  it exists in gross matter (as vibrations), it helps in change of state of existence from VĀYU to ĀPAS or ĀPAS to VĀYU and hence exists in both, hidden! One must meditate on the interdependent structure of these five states of existence! 

Miscellaneous: Not only five states of existence, all the penta-fold aspects of the cosmos are governed by this number “FIVE – 5”. It is interesting to note that to observe the physical creation, our senses developed are also FIVE (senses) and the organs we use to interact with are also FIVE (organs of action) + FIVE (sense organs) and five states of consciousness: Wake, Sleep, Dream, Deep-Sleep and Consciousness itself.


The nature of 6 is an outcome of interplay of all the numbers of 2, 3, 4 and 5 i.e. 2 x 3=3+3 = 6 or 2 + 4  = 6 or 1 + 5 = 6. Each formula has a significant detail to hint us about the nature of SIX. 

1) The formula of 2 x 3=3+3 = 6 gives the clue of double role of the triangle-“3”. This we explored in 35) Tetractys of Pythagoras. The double triangle formed from a triangle up (Shiva) and a triangle down (Shakti) is the representation of 6 in this formula.

Screenshot from 2018-11-16 21-03-34

So, here, “SIX” denotes the path of descent of GOD-consciousness into the mundane worlds as well as the path of ascent of human-consciousness to the planes of divine ONENESS.

2) The formula of 2+4=6 denotes the evolution of awareness. The “4” suggests the normal horizontal plane awareness which is highly symbolic to animal consciousness or our dwellings in the physical manifestation. When the two directions of Zenith and Nadir are added, to the horizontal plane, our comprehension gets a complete stir, as in, we will now start to perceive the zenith – or symbolic to divine planes (7 upper planes) and nadir – or symbolic to nether regions (7 lower planes). We will look at number 7 soon, but for now stick to the 6 aspect here. Nether regions are no

Screenshot from 2018-12-05 07-37-04

thing but the mirror images of divine planes but being polar opposites i.e., opposite only in functioning aspects and hence in essence, are equivalent to the upper regions. So, a perception of the cosmos other than the plane that we exist in (physical) is hinted by this SIX.

3) The formula of 1+5=6 tells us that while “5” denotes the states of physical creation, the extra ONE (1) borrowed from the Supreme ONE-1 manifests as the different monads/souls having a MIND. This MIND is termed INDRA in the Vēdās. When one carefully “learn” the wisdom of vēda, one will understand that INDRA is verily VIṢNU or the all pervading lord, but only at certain points. So, when INDRA or MIND is hovered or troubled by EVIL/MAYA, Indra will loose when doe snot exist as SUPREME ONE but as a individual 1 (jīva). When he associates himself with the Supreme 1, he wins the battle. This is the story of every day human as well! With our minds, we perceive the whole cosmos and this is the small individual “1”. 

Because we interact with the penta-fold creation with our 5 sense, 5 organs of action and 5 sense-organs, etc., we add 5 to 1. This brings in “6” which represents our interaction by using MIND as well. Now, an occult student’s duty is to seperate this 6 into 5 and 1 and convert the 1 into 1-THE ONLY! 

Miscellaneous: This SIX is known as “Ṣaṇmukha – or the six faced one” in the purāṇās. He is the brother of Ganesha. Just to hint the reader for further explorations. The number “666” is called as the number of the beast in Revelation 13:15–18. This is because the 6 applied thrice – remember the three described above? – the three planes of creation (Bhu, Bhuvah and Suvah) as well as the dynamic aspect, gives the whole pattern of manifestation and evolution of beings with MIND (the 1 in 5+1=6). Beings with MIND (the individual 1) are called “beasts” or “Mānavās” in our scriptures. So, Mānavās are descendants of MANU (cosmic MIND) and thus are not HUMANS alone! So, evolution of beasts (including us) into the HUMAN (true human i.e., the realized complete human) is given by this number 666 and hence it is the number of the beast! When the evolution is complete, this number 666 turns into —> 999 – a complete inversion! See number 9 for further connection.


Seven is the most mysterious number, as in, almost all of the world scriptures deal with seven exclusively in the form of allegories and parables. Let us see why!

Seven exclusively deals with our perception of cosmos in terms of LIGHT and SOUND. In physical plane of existence, LIGHT has 7 visible colors which our natural eyes can detect and hence forms the base of our interaction with sight.  Also, the 7 musical notes  that we hear in all the sounds form the base of audible interactions with ears. But, esoterically speaking, these physical 7 rays and 7 tones are sub set of “SEVEN RAYS” that cause the seven-fold aspects in the universe. That is why, in the Upanishads the light-ray and syllable-sound are termed with same word “VARṆA” – i.e., Varṇa as in color and Varṇa as in VarṇaMāla (the set of syllables). It is said that both LIGHT and SOUND manifest from same source which is the cosmic ethers or “ĀKĀSA”. But when they are speaking of LIGHT/SOUND, they mean the rhythms and principle that cause the light/sound like NĀDA, etc. If this is not taken into account, one may blunder themselves saying that vēdc seers did not know that sound cant travel in space and other nonsense statements.

At any rate, the SEVEN manifests in this universe in all the following manners:

  • 7 Sun rays (VIBGYOR)
  • 7 Musical tones (Sa-Ri-Ga-Ma-Pa-Da-Ni)
  • 7 Dhatūs/Tissues of our body: Rasa/plasma, Rakta/Blood, Mamsa/Muscle, Meda/Fat, Asti/Bone, Majja/Bone-Marrow and Śukra (Men) and Śoṇita (Women) – reproductive tissues; as per Āyurvēda
  • 7 Divine regions: Bhu, Bhuvah, Suvah, Mahar, Jana, Tapo and Satya Lōkās
  • 7 Nether regions: Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talātala, Mahātala, Rasātala and Pātāḷa Lōkās
  • 7 Root races and 7 sub-races of humanity (refer The Secret Doctrine book)
  • 7 Groups of elements of Earth (7-rows of periodic table)
  • 7 Layers of Maruts/Currents
  • 7 Seers of Wisdom (Sapta Rishis) 
  • etc.

The list is vast, but one need to understand why it is so! So, “7” rules our lives in many ways! This is the reason why, initiations are done during spetenary cycles. In Hindu traditions, the cermenoy of “Second-Birth” is performed when the child is at the age of 7, because that is when they have completed a full cycle of 7 years bringing them necessary un-foldment capacity of the imparted wisdom! Similarly, marriage is performed during 21 (3×7) years of age cycle. At the age of 49 – 7×7, couple recede from family life into social life i.e., they accept “Vānaprastha”. So, most of ancient rituals and customs hover around number 7!

Miscellaneous: -NA-


Eight is the number of what we call NATURE or PRAKṚTI. That is why in scriptures it is specifically called “Aṣṭa Praki”, meaning eight-fold NATURE. This is formed from 5 + 3. The 3 in 5 + 3 is formed from the individual ‘1’ i.e., the MIND/INDRA of individual is actually a three-fold entity: Aham/Ego-sense of “I AM”, Buddhi/Discriminative WILL and Manas/Mind. Thus, the three fold nature of 1 along with the penta-fold aspects of senses, we humans exist in NATURE as NATURE’s products. Actually, Eight is a number that represents “Aṣṭa-Vasūs” or “Eight Angels of Manifestation”. These vasūs are the reason for the eight-fold nature of NATURE. Hence 8 is responsible for occurrence of what the scriptures call “Vasu Lōka”. These vasūs are one of the three primary groups of angels (others being Ādityās and Rudrās) who have their sway over humans in their evolutionary scheme.

Miscellaneous: It is interesting to note how Krishna was born as Eighth child of Dēvakī and Vasudēva. It is to show the complete lordship of Krishna over the eight-fold nature of NATURE! That is why, SHE was replaced with goddess – who was born else where as a pseudo child! i.e., SHE is what we perceive while HE is the actual lord as ONE-TRUTH!


NINE is called the number of culmination. 1 was the number for Supreme ONENESS while the 9 is the number for Supreme Culmination – GODDESS. How? You see this property is exhibited by 9 in its arithmatic. Multiply any other number with 9 and add teh digits. They end up in 9. So, no matter what you do! The moment you have 9 in your arithmatic, all digits add up to 9 and hence culminates in 9. So, all the numbers culminate in 9. For example, take 9 x 3 = 27 = 2+7 = 9, or 9 x 12 = 108=1+0+8=9, etc! It is also interesting to see, with same logic, that all number from 1 to 9 add up to 45 = 4+5 = 9. So, all numbers culminate in 9. Thus, 9 is a number of culmination and hence is associated with “Para State”. That is why the lord of 9 is called “Parā Prakṛti” meaning the ONE who is beyond the 8-fold NATURE – i.e., the 9. This is the reason behind the celebration of festivals of SUPREME GODDESS in Hindu culture for 9 days – Nava Rātri as it is called! 

This is the number that also governs our birth – we spend 9 months in the womb of mother. 9 also helps in circular measures because decimal system is not efficient in circular measures (such as pi, etc.). So, Ancients deviced a method of one-ninths, called “Navāṃśa” that calculates all circular measures. This is the reason why we use “360 degrees” (360 is a multiple of 9) in a circle and not 100 degrees (which would have been a natural choice choice by a commoner)! Also, the cycle so of creation that I explained in 35) Tetractys of Pythagoras shows the base number of 432 which also adds up to 9 (4+3+2)! So, in so many ways, 9 governs the cosmic order beyond our perception of reasoning or common logic.

Miscellaneous: Now, linking this with the number of beast-666, the number of MAN is called 999 because it is associated with culmination of man into 9 – The PARA aspect of LORD! The three 9s imply the culmination of all three planes of MAN into 9 i.e., 9+9+9 = 27=2+7 = 9! One should also stop for a while and see a wonder here. 1 is for supreme ONENESS and 9 is for SUPREME CULMINATION which is same as 1 but yet different! What happens when both are met? 1 + 9 = 10 = 1+0 = 1. So, the same supreme 1 remains when parā prakṛti, the ultimate culminator culminates into a dissolved state of existence. Another interesting aspect is to note that man has 9 orifices while the woman has a 10th orifice for birth of another being which happens when a man and woman copulate. So, 9 + 10 gives us 19 = 1 + 9 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1. So, When they copulate, the same ‘1’ of SUPREME is born as the being/product of copulation through the couple. 


Zero is the number of “Cycles”. The numbers from 1 through 9 are repeated with the help of 0. So, ‘1’ is the first 1 in zeroth cycle, 10 is the 1 in first cycle and 20 is the 1 in second cycle etc. The same is true with all other numbers (integers). So, 0 itself is a symbol of cycle/Circle – that which repeats itself. Most of us think ZERO represents the state of universe before manifestation. But its not so. Universe has ONE lord always as he is ever existing. That is why ZERO – as in NO VALUE, can never be attributed to anything in the world. Even if you point out nothingness, there “is” nothingness and hence it defies the meaning of nothingness. So, ZERO was never a “no value” number in ancient arithmetic. It was a number of CYCLES! That is why, what ever number you add to 0, it gives the same number: 2 + 0 = 2, 3 + 0 = 3, etc.

Miscellaneous: -NA-

How to use Numbers?

One must proceed in the aforementioned says to explore further the mystic nature of numbers. Further numbers like 11 (RUDRAS), 12 (ĀDITYĀS), 24(GĀYATRI), etc., can be understood if one understand the basic set of numbers. Numbers offer absolute KEY for proper decoding of scriptures. The meanings of words may differ over time but not teh numerical values! This is the reason why  PYTHAGOREANs stress on use of numbers in esoteric doctrines. Our scriptures are filled with them – only if you have eye to look for, can you look! For example, Bhagavatam has 12 cantos while Mahabharata has 18 chapters and yet Ramayana has 24000 (24×1000) stanzas. All tehse numbers have a deep significance. I will just hint them here. 12 cantos of Bhagavatam describe the splendors of 12 month -year cycle and our birth in it (9months in womb). 18 chapters of Mahabharata expounds on splendors of manifestation (18=1+8=9=Para Prakṛti). 24×1000 stanzas of Ramayana expound on nature of GAYATRI (24 syllabled meter) or SOLAR light (for 24 hrs of a DAY) in the form of dynasty of “IKSVAKU or SOLAR DYNASTY”, whose lord incarnates as RAMA himself!


In this way one needs to keep applying the key of numbers in as many ways as possible! Thus, I hope we have explored the mystic nature of numbers in as much as possible through my boat of understanding and I hope you enjoyed the ride.

Thank You!



  1. Bro truly brilliant… a new perspective about numbers… I had heard about 7 and 9 when I tried to study numerology in my younger days… but not so deep… the distinction of why not to use binary is also classic… life is numbers… thank you so much

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  2. Hi sir, article is excellent ,can you please send me the pdf of Mystic nature of Numbers article

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