49) Exploring Bible – Decoding Solomon

Until now, we have explored many topics related to Hindu scriptures. For a change, let us go into Bible and see what it has to offer to us in terms of esoteric symbolism akin to that of Vēdic lore. In this article, I choose the story of King Solomon and try to decode it with some of the keys which we equipped along the journey of this blog. Sit tight and enjoy the ride.

You will notice that I borrow many concepts from vēdic lore for this task and so you may question my method. Well, you need to start somewhere and that too with some key. I started my life with vēdic lore explorations and related keys. It is showing a harmony between two distinct wisdom branches when I apply the key of one to the other branches. So, I am to conclude that my usage of key is indeed universal in its application and hence I am on right tracks.


Most of the exoteric knowledge pertaining to Solomon can be obtained in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solomon, one of the popular sources indeed. I am not concerned with this exoteric understanding. My viewpoint has always been that the scriptures of ancient lore are cryptic and we need right keys to properly understand them. My exposition on Puranjana from Bhagavata – 45) Myth or a Symbol? – Story of Puranjana – Part-1. and 46) Myth or a Symbol? – Story of Puranjana – Part-2. thoroughly affirms this fact. Note that my viewpoint holds for all world scriptures. 

Before proceeding to read the decoded explanation, it is better to read the story from the Bible, to see what you understand when you “literally” read it. Then coming back, when you read the explanation, you will find the necessary wisdom sprouting inside as a revelation. I will give my best to present the hidden mysteries and parallel truths pertaining to the ancient wisdom branch. 

The sources of the biblical text:

Symbol of Solomon:

To understand Solomon, we need to first read everything related to him and then re-read with proper understanding. So, it is better to first give out the mystery behind Solomon and then go into the statements of bible to see how this mystery patches the missing links. 

Sol-Om-On – these three words are three representations of SOLAR deity in three ancient languages pertaining to three nations which came together to exchange their solar-wisdom. So, everything that relates to SOLOMON is about what we call in Vēda as “Āditya or Sūryāntarvarti”. His temple is nothing but the path of SUN around the Earth. Keep the following picture in mind while going through the later content.

Screenshot from 2019-06-28 14-24-47

It is said that SOLOMON is the wisest of all kings. WISDOM relates to the light of BUDDHI and this is ignited by SOLAR god. Is this not the essence of “Gāyatri (21) Gayatri & The Mantra)”? If the “TAT” of Sāvitri ignites our buddhis, how wise should the deity of SUN be? That is why SOLOMON is said to be the wisest of all!!

Kingdom of Solomon:

Let us go into the book of Kings, chapter 4 of the bible (old testament).

  • 7. And Solomon had twelve officers over all Israel, which provided victuals for the king and his household: each man his month in a year made provision.

His kingdom, Israel, is the heart of existence. This is the center of perception for any observer. Israel – etymologically means Something placed/asserted by god in that position. This implies the awakening of individual consciousness as a perception around. Now, it is said that this point of observation is ruled by SOLOMON. Indeed, he being the solar deity, the “I AM-ness” in all, rules this point of observation.

We call him Purusha or Ātma in Vēdic/Vēdāntic terms. But SOLOMON, being a celestial deity, the description here also implies to the one in SUN that descends as rays of individual souls (Sūrya Vamsa). This occurs in 12 divisions – Zodiac (Astrology Basics (part-2))-(in the same article you can also see how this zodiac divides our human body too and thus SOLOMON rules celestial as well as human spheres). So, the division of 12 of the one zodiac belt which apparently seemed to be tread by SUN as observed from Earth, rules the lives on Earth. This is the main key of Astrology. This indeed is what is being said here – 12 officers (the agents who help SOLOMON rule). Because each zodiac sign exists for a month, and that sign rules the livelihood of any being of consciousness (mainly man if the month is taken as “his month”) each officer made provisions for one month! 

  • 22. And Solomon’s provision for one day was thirty measures of fine flour, and threescore measures of meal.

If Solomon has each officer providing provisions for one month, what is the “measure” of the month? Did you know that the Vēda takes what we call “Sāvana Samvatsara” year, which considers the total year to be 360 solar days rather than 365+ solar days? This is for all purposes related to time and space calculations. All yugas, kalpas, sacrifices, altar measures, etc., depend on this 360. This gives each zodiac, 360/12 = 30 solar days. Wisdom being universal, when seers of old testament speak of solar deity they too had to discover that the number 360 is pivotal in all calculations necessary. That is why here, it is said that each month’s measure is 30 i.e. 30 solar days. Having 12 officers, it makes a total of 360 measures which is the TOTALITY of SOLOMON, the solar deity.

  • 26. And Solomon had forty thousand stalls of horses for his chariots, and twelve thousand horsemen.

A SUN-God having a chariot of horses is nothing new. It is as old as any ancient wisdom branch. Horse has been identified as perfect animal which symbolizes a swift movement of LIFE-Force. In Sanskrit it is “Aśwa”, meaning that which has neither tomorrow nor yesterday i.e. the moment that we experience. SUN is pulled by this “moment” implies that HE rules time and also the LIFE element in us, for śwa/śava also implies death and hence aśwa implies life.  So, SOLOMON being solar deity, has obviously the life elements descending from him, as the rays of SUN onto Earth. How many did he have?

It seems that 40000 horse stalls and 12000 horsemen. This is cryptic. Some translations show 4000 horses. Whatever the number is, it is not the literal number we should be concerned. Key of numbers needs to be used. In that, multiples of 10 is always symbol for Infinite, because, 10 is a number that is verily 1 (1+0=1) with an element of repetition (that is why the cyclical symbol 0). So, 4000 or 40000 = 4 x infinity. And 12000 = 12 x infinity. So, the solar deity brings forth life in 4 stages in multitude ways and he does this through the help of 12 zodiac signs. The 4 stages are reverberated in bible as well as vēdās. In bible, you can see the stages of creation and in vēda, the utterance of word (Vāk – Parā, paśyaṃti, etc.). This I explored in my very first article – 1) Establishing the truth in world scriptures – A new perspective ! , you may have a look there. It is said that these 4 are “Stalls” because, they act as “houses” from which the horses of life (sun rays) emerge in a 4-staged way. 

  • 32. And he spake three thousand proverbs: and his songs were a thousand and five.

A proverb is that which is true no matter the time, given a relevant context. The element of “past, present, future” is embedded in a proverb. When a proverb is uttered, it is beyond time but is uttered so by taking a past experience, applied to present hoping for a correcting future accordingly. Now tell me, how many parts should this proverb of SUN god be? of course Three – 3 (past, present and future – the time aspect). And for making it multitudinous, we have our favorite number 1000. Thus, SOLOMON spake 3000 proverbs. Is it not funny, otherwise, for a king so wise to speak only 3000 proverbs in his lifetime?

It seems he sang 1000+5. What does SUN sing? He sings the rhythm of creation. How do we understand the rhythm of creation? The creation occurs in 5 elements. We are given 5 fingers to realize this ( no more or no less, but 5 to count). We are given 5 sheaths of body (Kōśa). Thus, the creation descends in the rhythm of 5 and thus SUN, the lord of 1000 (sahasra) sings it in modes of 5. So SOLOMON sang 1000+5 songs.

Temple of Solomon:

  • 1 Kings 62 Chronicles 4: The temple was beautiful. It had many rooms. The walls and floors were covered with gold. There were curtains made of beautiful cloth. Gold candlesticks lighted the rooms. There was a golden altar in one room.

Solomon built the first temple in israel. Like always, modern people started to search for this and of course they could not find. This is because, they took it literally. Just like Puranjana’s kingdom, the temple of solomon too is filled with symbolic mysteries. It seems that this temple is build with gold and there was an altar. This is the description of SUN’s path around the Earth as seen from Earth. It is gold because his rays are goldish. The bright and effulgence is the characteristic of gold and is exactly why relates to SUN’s rays. That is why they said “Gold candle sticks” lighted the room, meaning the golden rays made visibility possible. 

Another room – what is it? It seems it is filled with water on backs of bulls/oxen. In Astrology Taurus is symbol of Earthy-Sign. Look at the following picture

Screenshot from 2019-08-05 12-29-55

What do you notice? Taurus – Earthy sign and Scorpio – Watery sign are positioned diametrically opposite to each other. So, symbolically when it is said that oxen or taurus weighs water on its back, it should hint us that the water and earth signs are formed as opposite pairs in zodiac. This combination helps life to emerge. Earth and water is the prime combination for life. So, SUN, being fiery by nature (Aries) and SOLOMON being wise and balanced (Libra), constructs taurus and scorpio – Earth+Water, the LIFE element. Scorpio is indeed a sign that can take life from a body (snakes,etc. belong to this sign). Thus, the emergence of properties of zodiac through the first 4 elements of construction is subtly hinted through astrological key here. 12 oxen implies actually 12 = 4 x 3 i.e., three Earthy signs of zodiac (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) manifesting through the stages of 4 that we spoke earlier. Because we have 3 Earthy signs, out of 12 zodiac signs, it implies each sign has its opposite watery pair as: Taurus-Scorpio, Virgo-Pisces and Capricorn-Cancer. Thus 12 bulls weigh the water (of life).

Again and again the number SEVEN occurs in, not only bible, but all world scriptures. It seems the temple of Solomon, the solar-year cycle is built in 7 years. What does that mean? It means to build in 7 planes of existence. He built the same temple in 7 planes known as 7-rays (https://www.lucistrust.org/online_books/esoteric_psychology_volume_i/section_one_chapter_introductory_remarks/3_the_seven_rays_enumerated)

These seven planes or Vyāhṛtīs or stages of creation descend as 7-rays of SUN onto Earth. They reflect from moon and cause the SILVER bowl or Night and their direct descent causes the Gold bowl or the Day. It is said bowl because the dome of space above us is like a bowl. The exact same concept is found in RIg Veda – “that Gold and SIlver bowls are on top of each other having their convex sides away from their centers (i.e., forming a sphere)“. So, Solomon’s temple, which is the construction of year-cycle and hence life on Earth occurs in 7 stages/years and cause the origin of silver and gold bowls!!

  • 1 Kings 8:3–9: The priests brought the ark of the covenant from the tabernacle. They put the ark in the temple. The two stones with the commandments written on them were in the ark.

What is “ark of covenant“? This occurs at many places like “Ark of Noah” etc. What is this ark? This ark is always associated with MOON or “left side” or woman in the scriptures. Hindu scriptures have similar concept in the name of “Argha” (ref. Secret Doctrine – https://www.theosociety.org/pasadena/sd/sd-hp.htm), an oblong chalice. This ark is actually the “NAVEL” from which birth of human takes places. That is why in Noah’s ark, it was said that “This ark has the germs to repopulate the Earth“, meaning the ethereal bodies/souls that would be established into the SOLOMON’s temple (physical manifestation) later on. The two stones of this ark are – BOAZ (Strength) and Yachin (Stability). The commandments are nothing but the life’s plan, that would evolve and guide the soul as time proceeds. So, after building the whole temple, SOLOMON had to establish the LAW of life or reproduction onto physical plane. This is the establishment of “Ark of Covenant”.

Now that all plan is ready to start the creation, SOLOMON had to inaugurate the LIFE process on Earth. This inauguration has been symbolized as “sacrifice” in bible as well as vēdās. The sacrifice of Daksha, sacrifice of Abraham, sacrifice of Solomon, all are one and the same – The start of year cycle with the fiery sign of ARIES or Ram. Here it is non-technically stated that the sacrifice is started by invoking the “Fire of consciousness” in matter. This fire came from heaven to Earth it seems. The same scriptures says “As in Heavens, so on Earth“. So, it means that the slumbering fire, in deep abyss (heavens) is brought out by the solar god (lord of consciousness) into the matter. Thus, the FIRE burned the sacrifice – meaning, it ignited the “vibration” of atoms which started to LIVE there upon.

Seal of Solomon:

We have seen above how, the biblical utterances reveal a plethora of celestial and anthropological mysteries, if properly decoded. Let us go on a little different yet worthy subject related to Solomon. It is the “Seal of Solomon”. It is said that this seal drives away the evil and protects us i.e., lets us LIVE a life on physical plane. Let us see what it is:

Screenshot from 2019-08-05 13-05-14.png

Solomon being the Solar deity, what should his “seal” be? This is better understood from Tantric perspective. In that, an apex upper triangle is called Śiva and a lower apex triangle to Śakti. Their union causes the birth of their son “Ṣaṇmukha – 6 faced”. That means, the union of lord with his consort gives birth to creation of 6-fold i.e., 5-elements,senses,etc. with 1 MIND. Earlier we said that Solomon sings in 1000+5 ways. The 1000+5 = 1+0+0+0+5 = 6 is this seal. i.e., His song, having rhythm of 5, is the base of creation while the MIND associated with 1000, is the 6th element which completes the double triangle. Why Mind = 1000? Indra is said to be “Sahasrākṣa – 1000 eyed” and Indra is also lord of Mind (lord of Indriyas is mind). Thus, Indra=Mind=1000 (Mind has 1000 or multitudinous outward expressions). So, in this view, the solomons seal is the SEAL that which establishes a Jīva – The POINT at center, the Living Being, into the matrix of physical matter made of 5 elements and 1 MIND (individuality). The circle represents the background of SOLOMON who cyclically revolves around Earth (relatively) causing this establishment permanent (i.e., cyclically and as long as creation exists).


In this thorough exploration of mystery surrounding SOLOMON, we have successfully attuned our intuition into the path of decoding an ancient scripture – Old Testament. The bi-product of the article is the hidden harmony between world scriptures. The key of numbers, key of Geometry, key of Astrology, etc., are used in this article. I am sure that this article will open doors to new dimensions for an inquisitive mind. I hope you all enjoyed.

Thank You!






    1. Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Sanskrit and Ancient Chaldean I guess. These three nations had perfect loop of continuous thought exchange. Pythagoras, one of initiates of Egypt and India speaks in those symbols that are found in the myths of these ancient languages.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Our modern day history is perturbed by many inconsistencies. So we need proper ways to go back. I suggest, if you have time, to look at Secret Doctrine by Blavatsky. That work gives certain degree of clarity. Also, to add some flavor, Om being the central word (the imperceivable sun), Sol and On are two wings (perceivable sun-sol and it’s ever existence-On).
        You need to go into literature of Theosophy for some of the secrets. Not that everything in Theosophy is true but they have enough tools to provide you with a guidance. By using our buddhi, the will of discrimination, we can arrive at truth through proper meditation.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. The two stones can also be the binaries. But I was going according to situation of usage. The usage of pillars here is as support to ark, the womb of creation. Thus, the womb needs a stable backdrop and strength to sustain creation of cosmos. That is why the Hebrew names Boaz and Yachin have those meanings.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. “Fire from heaven came down to the altar” – ignited life.

    Perhaps, lightning came down from sky to the ocean, that eventually created Prokaryotes (a single celled organism before humane like). Simplifying its types, there are two – Archaea and Bacteria.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is a part truth. Lighting has key to life. It is called fire by electricity in terms of Alice A Bailey (remember the 7rays link?). Upanishads too suggest this aspect of life infusing into a seed through lightning into water of clouds.

      But here, altar being the core center of his temple, the element of life fire is spoken. What you call bacteria and others are 4th stage of creation (physical). See how his temple is built in 4 modes and 7 planes? The altar exists as center of all these. That fire is the “Agni of Vedas – Amgaanam nihitaha”. That fire is the fire with which animation starts even in ethereal planes. So what you noted, correctly, is but one quarter of one seventh of whole truth.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. There lies the coincidence – how can these scriptures be only religious when Miller-Urey experiment also proved the similar origin of life from ocean+lightning !

        As per Chemosynthetic theory, the lab experiment showed, with high volt current, 4 stages viz.
        1) Creation of amino acids
        – by electricity
        2) Creation of proteins
        – from amino
        – by heat
        in a large “primordial soup” (inside ocean)
        3) Creation of microspheres
        – from protein+water
        – by coalescence
        into cellular membrane
        4) Creation of self-replicating + catalytic RNA (precursor of DNA).

        It is incredible to have created a cell in lab from electricity !!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha good one. Or, is it not coincidence? Physical Science – in its true sense (not the physics, biology, etc., but all put together) is surfacing the same TRUTH in different language understandable to modern thought (which is dull relative to that of the past). You see, there is a play of Astrological mystery going on which “helps” humanity to “discover” some of the secrets of nature from time to time. This depends on the Natures’ willingness to share its mysteries with us. You see, we feel nature is a dormant existing abstract unity, as a scientist. But if you ask a systems thinker like Fritjof Capra, he would say that Nature is a conscious UNITY. In that sense, what it allows, we see. Also, if you ask the question “why” did the above experimental idea, in its seed form come to those scientists at all? What would you answer? It is the same unveiling of existing fact as an impulse (parā vāk) that led those people to take up to that experiment in first place. So, it is not great to have made a cell in lab, but it is great for NATURE to have hid so much from us allowing us to only peak, depending on evolution. As per evolution, we are not ready to master the all secrets – we would destroy each other. Still the fear of WAR is diffusing in the air surrounding Earth. We need this Kali Yuga to reach its gaussian maxima to start seeing truly appreciable developments.


      3. Also, I can see your keen observation skills to link the truths from different angles and dimensions. I really appreciate this faculty of yours. I wish you the very best to unveiling Nature’s mysteries in your own way. We, as readers, will be closely following your articles as always, to see what LIGHT you will be throwing upon all the truth seekers’ paths. 🙂 Thanks a lot 😀


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